Description: Different mix of sizzling sci fi transformation 1. Stereo.

Description: Hard metallic impact with bass resonance. Variation on Trailer Slam 1 JO. Stereo.

Description: A special sound effect montage in two parts. Part one: The beast is devoured. Part two: The void. Ends on a note of foreboding. Use a piece of the whole. Stereo.

Description: Underground, slow, massive earth movement. Rocks crystalize.

Description: Sputtering prop plane engine comes to a stop. Stereo.

Description: Helicopter passes by with slow, clean blade thwops. Mono

Description: Modern microfiche machine. Various sounds including scanning, stop, go, pause, winding etc. Mono.

Description: Dark themed background ambiance with phasing choir voices.

Description: Close up, rooster crow at dawn. Once.

Description: Organic pass by whooshes sourced from the Pali in Hawaii. No reverb or added sounds. Stereo.

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