Description: Slow rising and falling of wind through tall pine trees. Stereo.

Description: Big metallic slam. Variation of my previous slam effects. Stereo.

Description: Clean, gentle crickets trill with nice stereo feel. JO

Description: Pali wind whoosh series, this time filtered for a rounder sound. Denser then pine whoosh series. Stereo.

Description: Thick, fairly transparent whoosh by from single, powerful moving source. 3 speeds. Dry. Add reverb for longer tail or to place in space. Stereo.

Description: Auto tire blowout from moving car. Pop, air escape, tire rubber slap.

Description: Sad, haunting low pitch wind like whistle with bass undertone. Stereo.

Description: Gentle wind through trees with distinct leaf movement. Stereo.

Description: Deep within earth, rocks are crystallizing. Stereo.

Description: Whistling wind in to powerful clanging slam. Stereo.

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