Description: A poppy instrumental track with funky guitars and quirky orchestral arrangements. Short and snappy

Description: an Aphex twin style electronica track with a retro feel and quirky synths and over-driven beats. Contains a breakdown in the middle

Description: deep and intense 80's style groove with a quirky synth arrangement and experimental groove.

Description: Quirky rock style R n' B track with ethic percussion and an intense melodic groove. Slightly dark and brooding guitars

Description: An Aphex Twin style electronica track with atmospheric and psychedelic synths and drum machine beats

Description: A slowly evolving haunting piano ballard with a melancholic feel.

Description: Slowly building piano ballard with an intense emotional, filmic and nostalgic chord structure

Description: Aphex Twin style melodic electronica with ethereal melodies and electronic beats

Description: dark dance track with a brooding vocoder voice, drum machine beats and heavy synths

Description: melodic, progressive dance track with layer upon layer of melodic synth lines, a pumping beat and funky bass. There is a serious breakdown in the middle.

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