Description: beautiful and ethereal track that involves the summer and general good times! luscious melodies and driving beat.

Description: a happy go lucky chill out track with an old school hip hop feel. ideal for corporate medai.

Description: Blur style, guitar led indie, Like a slice of brit pop fifteen years back. Major hook guitar and bass and full on drums. Catchy and emotive piece.

Description: a slow electronic ambient track with a soft and melancholic feel. the track contains layers of slow moving atmospheric synth chords ideal for corporate media.

Description: emotive electronic track with electro percussion and a haunting piano ballard. reminiscent of warp records style electronica.

Description: retro funk with interveving wah wah guitar and analogue synths. the mood is upbeat and quirky. ideal for corporate media.

Description: funky dance / electro track with a pumping groove an.d catchy melodies. There are two sections in this track, one brooding and dark the other bright and energetic.

Description: An ethnic folk track with a Asian feel. Melancholic and atmospheric with two distinct section built around a bamboo recorder clarinet and xylophone.

Description: a fun retro funk track with a busy and uplifting feel. featuring analogue synths funk guitar and live drums. ideal for corporate media.

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