Description: Driven by a finger picked guitar and strummed ukulele, this song is low key but driving with a steady rhythm. Positive and optimistic, yet sentimental, nostalgic and with a wistful feeling. Perfect for background music where a feeling of memory and looking back is required.

Description: This track is driven by two lightly fingerpicked guitars backed by a piano, pad and a flute. This song is mellow and sleepy but drives well. Optimistic and sentimental, this feels like a soft summer night.

Description: Two ukuleles played in a cheerful reggae beat make the backbone of this happy song, accompanied by world percussion, a piano, electric piano and bass. Bouncy and light, this song is super positive, childlike, and evokes images of children playing on a beach.

Description: Using a brightly strummed guitar and an old time tack piano, this song sounds like a joyful hoedown in the country. During the second part of the song an ethnic flute comes in to add flavor. Positive, fun and optimistic, this song has great energy.

Description: This song uses a simple melody on the piano backed by a cheery fingerpicked guitar and building with a couple of percussion instruments to the bridge, after which a strummed guitar and electric piano arrive to help drive the song along. Optimistic, cheerful and childlike, this song evokes a positive, sunny feeling

Description: Driven by a fingerpicked guitar and a strummed ukulele accompanied by various keyboard instruments, this song moves ahead at a steady pace, with a slightly fuller chorus than the verse section. Evokes images of peace and optimism, but also a determined feel, especially nearing the end of the song.

Description: Driven by two fingerpicked acoustic guitars and a piano, this song drives with a mellow and positive feeling, building up in the second half for a feeling of stronger movement. Evokes the feeling of heading toward the weekend after a really good work week.

Description: Moderately to slow paced but driving, this song builds from a simple fingerpicked guitar and ukulele, building to a wall of hypnotic sound but also moving into a melodic and memorable chorus driven by a retro electric piano. Mellow but with a feeling of movement, this song has a sense of nostalgia and a happy ending, even a little bit romantic in a positive and comforting way. This version is loopable.

Description: Mellow, dreamy, and contented while a little bit dark and strange, this track is like an interesting dream that takes you to good places you think you might remember. Driven by piano and lightly plucked ukulele, this tune drives in waltz time.

Description: This track drives but is at the same time mellow and emotional. Combining picked and strummed acoustic guitar with a piano and electronic instruments, this song evokes feelings of peace and hope of good things to come. It's slightly introspective, but in a confident way.

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