Description: Renaissance guitar with recorder and cello. Composer: Thoinot Arbeau (16th century).

Description: Monks and angels perform excerpts from Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Fourth Movement.

Description: English, 13th century. Angelic a capella female voices.

Description: Begins as a Gregorian chant, then percussion, vibraphone and trumpet are added.

Description: English, early 17th century. The music travels back in time from the Victorian to the Baroque to the Elizabethan.

Description: French carol. An oboe solo accompanied by warm vocal harmony.

Description: Gregorian Chant. Male voices but no lyrics.

Description: 12th century. A capella voices, in unison first then in harmony.

Description: Romantic strings, sweet, twinkly.

Description: A courtly dance arranged for guitar, cello and recorder. Composer: John Dowland (16th century).

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