Description: High energy upbeat EDM dance tune with catchy piano melody and half time dubstep break down.

Description: Fun upbeat jazzy dance song with jazzy pianos.

Description: Sexy R and B song with jazzy Rhodes electric piano lounge sounds and Trance synths.

Description: Minimal break beat electro tune with high pitched synth melody and deep booming bass beat.

Description: Dark cinematic ambient song with subtle rhythm undertones. Good for tension and sci fi.

Description: Deep techno rave song with mysterious synth sounds.

Description: Hard hitting synth driven west coast gangster Hip Hop tune.

Description: Sensual R and B song with jazzy Rhodes keyboards and slow moving groove.

Description: Contemporary pop EDM Hip Hop song with uplifting motivation synth sounds and Trap style beats.

Description: Cinematic orchestral song invoking feelings of wonder and and whimsy.

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