Description: A Flowing Symphonic Work Performed in the Classical Style Expressing Feelings of Guilt, Anguish, and Emotional Pain.

Description: A spooky Danny Elfmann styled Halloween treat. Dark textures and dark themes played by Chamber orchestra and light choir.

Description: A Cinematic Symphonic Work With Haunting Themes Suggesting a Looming Doom. Also Perfect for Reinforcing Urgency Or a Sense of Time Is Running Out.

Description: An Orchestrated instrumental Classical Romantic piece with a Spanish flavor.

Description: A Glorious Symphonic work evoking Strong, Proud and Triumphant emotions. perfect for Patriotic, Heroic, Uplifting, Media. Epic Brass and Flowing Strings highlights the strengths of this piece which could be used to promote a political message, or Candidate, Government institution, Public Initiative

Description: Melodic Chinese piece consisting of a Haunting Chinese Strings, Flowing Xao, Mystical Woodwinds, Rhythmic Ethnic Percussion. Perfect for media needing to set a Chinese mood or all around Asian setting. Also nice for martial arts Action or Still Life Scenes perfect for Asian themed Documentaries.

Description: A Baroque/Classical (Bach/Mozart) styled Chamber ensemble. Sophisticated yet light-hearted. Classy fun & Cute, Nice for Children's shows, Period Pieces, Jane Austen Styled romantic comedy, Happy and laid back moods or pastoral Themes nose in the air fun. Bright Strings with Reverent Solo Woodwinds.

Description: Indian/Dance/Pop piece comprised of infectious Indian percussion, sweet ethnic woodwinds, Groovy Sarod, Cool Tampura, Lush synths, and a throbbing Beat. Perfect for fun Bollywood, Punjabi Dance Party, Traditional/Modern Hindu culture clash or merge, or any Urban South Central Asian settings.

Description: Triumph over good. An anthem for villains or antiheros. Of course this also could be used for the good guys as well.

Description: Indian/Dance/Folk piece comprised of infectious Indian percussion, sweet ethnic woodwinds, Groovy Sarod, and Cool Tampura, Perfect for fun Bollywood, Punjabi Dance, Traditional Hindu cultural settings, or any rural South Central Asian themes.

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