Description: A light orchestrated string piece perfect to set the mood for something depicting the Upper Class, Snobbish, Rich and Famous. Also nice for outdoor peaceful scenes, Light Comedy. This could be the soundtrack to a Jane Austen novel or Antique Roadshow.

Description: A Classy Upbeat Organic Dance number expressing feelings of Fun, Excitement, and High Energy that Builds and Builds. Hip Hop meets Jazz Band and plays Twister with Classical. This would be perfect music for a Diverse group of friends Hanging out, Fish out of Water, or Opposites Attract storylines. A Quirky and Clever Piece guaranteed to keep your Toe Tapping and Head Bobbing Evoking Feelgood Positive and Light Hearted feelings. Nice for Comic Relief.

Description: This is a Rock, Pop, Classical, Electronica Hybrid evoking Fun and Uplifting emotions. Think of Mozart meets Panic at the Disco sprinkled with a little Madness, Depeche Mode, and a dash of Oingo Boingo. Ideal for media needing support for Laid Back Good Times or Friends Hanging Out. Dancing, dances.

Description: This Metal Guitar driven piece tells the story of, Im Mad as Hell and Im Not Going to Take it Anymore! comprised of two dueling Distorted Guitars a Growling Bass Guitar and a Rock Drum Kit.

Description: This is a throbbing Goth Rock, Dark Wave instrumental piece highlighted by a mysterious piano playing a melancholy motif throughout. A nice contrast is offered by screaming distorted guitars playing an independant riff. Another nice contrast is the violin section which soars above the mix at the song's climaxes. Underneath it all, a froggy bass, electro beat and violin staccato stabs help get the dancing toes tapping.

Description: A Feel good Inspirational piece involving elements of Light Rock, Orchestral and Electro-Pop. Think of a Family Quarrel, Lover's Spat, or a Falling Out between friends that develops but then turns Positive as the parties Forgive, Forget and Reconcile their Differences.

Description: A New Age styled piece featuring Lush Synth Pads, Sexy Saxophone, a Sensuous Solo Female Vocal, Smooth Classical Guitar, and Rhythmic Congas. Get with that special someone, Turn the lights down low, and let Passion take it form there.

Description: A spooky Danny Elfmann styled Halloween treat. Dark textures and dark themes played by Chamber orchestra and light choir.

Description: An Orchestrated instrumental Classical Romantic piece with a Spanish flavor.

Description: A melancholy but proud orchestrated piece with brass, choir and percussion being the predominate voices. Elements of Ennio Morricone, Danny Elfman and Goldsmith can be heard.

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