Description: A John Carpenter's Halloween theme inspired Spooky Treat.

Description: A Cinematic Symphonic Work With Haunting Themes Suggesting a Looming Doom. Also Perfect for Reinforcing Urgency Or a Sense of Time Is Running Out.

Description: The Battle Is Won the Cost of Victory Was Too Great. Angels Descend to Free the Souls From the Carnage As the Symphony Plays Bittersweet Melodies. Nature Glory.

Description: A Fun and Campy Baroque Rock/Pop Instrumental perfect for lighthearted Halloween/Horror Themes

Description: Creepy piano playing a Dark and Demented theme

Description: This is an Organic Dance/Pop Track evoking Fun and Uplifting emotions which builds and evolves from humble beginnings.

Description: This is an Organic Dance/Pop Track evoking Fun and Uplifting emotions. Ideal for media needing support for Manly Themes, Men Hanging Out, Dancing Men, Bar Hopping with the Boys or Product Demos.

Description: This is a high energy synth track perfect for media involving space age, futuristic, or post modern themes.

Description: A Classy Upbeat Organic Dance number expressing feelings of Fun, Excitement, and High Energy that Builds and Builds. Hip Hop meets Jazz Band and plays Twister with Classical. This would be perfect music for a Diverse group of friends Hanging out, Fish out of Water, or Opposites Attract storylines. A Quirky and Clever Piece guaranteed to keep your Toe Tapping and Head Bobbing Evoking Feelgood Positive and Light Hearted feelings. Nice for Comic Relief.

Description: Dark sound design describing what you might hear in the Bowels of Hell.

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