Description: A Church Choir singing an epic harmony. Very relaxing and religious-like composition. The exact track for those little moment of grace when you can see heaven.

Description: Whacky and funny taste of a circus like atmosphere with a bit of darkness to it. Featuring , choir voices and an insane church organ

Description: A funny tune with a worried spirit. A whistling synth melody tells a tale of an uneasy spacey situation. Featuring synths, organ, pizzicatto strings. Perfect for cartoons and animation.

Description: A fun susspense tune with a fast pace and a great melodic hook. Great for a sci-fi comedy. Featuring marimba, organ, harpsichord

Description: A positive and uplifting electronic track with soft synth arpegio line. Perfect for technical videos and product presentations.

Description: A cautious xylophone joined by a muted guitar. Also featuring pizzicato strings and wah-wah guitar chords. A great tune for cartoons and funny mystery scenes.

Description: Exciting, menacing-mysterious score track full of action featuring a remarkable bass groove, house beat, dramatic strings, distorted guitars, piano and synthesizers

Description: Jumpy and positive with a very catchy melody. Great for children projects and cartoons.

Description: Melancholic and quiet piano piece. Very nostalgic and ironic. Excellent for dramatic scenes.

Description: A jazzy toyish happy tune. Full of little bells, drum sticks, snips and clicks with a happy xylophone and a pleasant Fender rhodes. Great for children video games

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