Description: A fun and jumpy tune. It has a taste of new beginning. A change in life that's coming

Description: A great pack of 12 whooshes in various styles. Perfect for film editing, titles transitions and web page effects.

Description: Fierce and epic action track with heavy metal and orchestral touch. Raw action drive mixed with a hero theme. Suitable for trailers and big cinematic scenes. Featuring a wicked distorted bass hook and an orchestra. Breathtaking.

Description: Carefree and swinging jazzy tune. Fun and uplifting. Great for cartoons or children video games

Description: Bold and suspicious. Spacey Fender Rhodes chordes accompanied by swinging piano low keys. In this dark comedy, it's spy vs spy. Great for comedies and children movies

Description: A cool trance combining various music styles. consists of atmosphere guitar solo and acoustic drums. Catchy melody and dynamic leads.

Description: This tune sneaks behind you like the pink panther. Perfect for comedies and children movies. Featuring a playful Fender Rhodes and drums

Description: You're in a Dark cabaret full of smoke, snobby men and cheap women. The sloppy honky tonk piano will take you back to the 1930's. Life is a cabaret!

Description: Heroic and powerful world music/movie score from the Middle East. Orchestrated with strings, kettle drums, percussions and ney flute. Perfect as a soundtrack for adventures and historically based movies.

Description: A playful tune with a fun progression. Featuring triangles, percussions and pleasant synths. Suitable for a cartoon or a video game

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