Description: a darko style orchestral feel. a psychological thriller with potential. by film composer jeremy khawaja.

Description: Dramatic and epic slightly scary orchestral cue that really enhances the opitimy of any character, By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: an interesting piece that divulges into beauty and ends on utter heroism. by film composers jeremy khawaja and timothy joseph wells.

Description: An emotional piece that carries elegance with a solo cello being backed by piano and strings. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Heavy and dramatic film music. By film composers Jeremy Khawaja and Timothy Joseph Wells.

Description: Part orchestra and part electronic. This piece envelops ideas that ponder the human mind, and fits vvery well with a few dramatic style scenes in projects of film and TV.

Description: Epic and dramatic orchestrated piece, goes over great in film or TV music. Or just use it to open up the world to your website.

Description: Epic romance, or an undesirable moment in ones life. Really defines a great and important moment in any characters role. Perfect film music by film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

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