Description: Detailed and atmospheric sound of wind and rain lashing against the window of an old wooden ship cabin complete with swinging lamp. Perfectly looping. Be careful not to get seasick !

Description: Recording of interior of car while travelling in rain with windscreen wipers.

Description: Experimental, eerie sounds cape with a futuristic, post apocalyptic industrial feel. Would suit any game with edgy, tense moments.

Description: Ambiance of a motorcycle racing event with announcer on a PA system and racing engines.

Description: Mysterious exotic voice chants ,bells, flutes and effects combine to create a mysterious, ancient sounds cape to accompany any historic, travel,drama or documentary with an eastern flavor.

Description: Liverpool City centre with the sound of local seagulls calling.

Description: Large Helicopter hovering overhead.

Description: Ambiance on board a travelling train.

Description: Creaking and cracking ice flowing on the surface of flowing water.

Description: Field recording of an atmospheric underground sewer with flowing water.

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