Description: Garbage Truck; Start, Idle; Dump Truck; Start / Idle, Metallic Rattle In Foreground, Close Perspective.

Description: Garbage Truck; Medium Perspective Loud Revs Clunks, Many Air Hisses. Brake Squeaks And Moans - ( One Is Index 02 @ 1; 26, Followed By Back-up Beeps ) . Light Walla, Some Traffic Ambience.

Description: Garbage Truck; Medium Perspective Loading With High Whine As Garbage Is Compressed, Stops And Starts Again. Air Hisses, Metal Clunks And Squeaks.

Description: Garbage Truck; Close Loading With Worker Walla And Loud Dumpster Metal Bangs. Truck Idle Is Quieter Than Track 1006-04. Heavy Metal Lid Of Dumpster Falls With A Squeak And Clunk, Two Times ( Index 0.

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