Description: Helicopter Main Engine Start And Wind Up With Tail Rotor And Blade Main Rotor Definition Good Interior In-flight.

Description: Hughes 500: Idle / Off; Chopping Blades Slow, Rhythmic Whistling Swishes To Slow Whooshes, Engine Wind Down. Close Perspective. Helicopter.

Description: Helicopter Start And Idle, Close Perspective; High-pitched Ascending Whine, Then Blade Thwop As It Reaches Speed.

Description: Helicopter Bell 212 Rev Up, Shut Down, Total Stop.

Description: Helicopter Bell 212 In, Land, Looped At Peak.

Description: Helicopter Bell 212 In, Hover; Choppy.

Description: Helicopter Start And Idle Close. Ascending Whine With High Pitch, Some Light Walla And Movement Medium. Low End Blade Definition As Helicopter Reaches Speed.

Description: Ah-1 Cobra Helicopters By, Distant Perspective, W Rockets Firing And Low Impacts.

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