Description: Country Atmosphere; Country Atmosphere. Busy Mixed Bird Calls And Light Insect Sizzle With Occasional Sheep, Cattle And Herders Shouts.

Description: Suburb; Early Morning Suburban Atmosphere.

Description: Birds; Early Evening Woodland Birds.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Boat By, Smaller Boat Than Track 24. Medium Perspective Pulsing Engine Roar With Water Slap And Churn. Could Play For Lake - No Sea Gulls.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Deep, Humming Engine Roar Of Medium-large Boat, Medium Distant. Sparse Nearby Sea Gulls, Footsteps.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Water Lap Medium Perspective Ferry In From Distant To Dock Close. Deep Engine Revs As Ferry Maneuvers To Dock, Then Idle. Bow Wash On Approach.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Water Lap On Rocks Close, Gentle Surf Medium Perspective. Distant Roar Of Plane City Ambience.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Distant Fog Horn With Ring-off. Quiet Wind.

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