Description: Steady Low Pitch Wind with Small Rises Low Pitch Wind.

Description: Long Tonal Uplifting Textures Tonal, Uplifting Textures.

Description: Thick Metallic Scrape Ambience Metallic, Scrape.

Description: Mid Range Round Slow Moving Tones Sci-fi, Ambience, Bell Tone.

Description: Steady Long Choral Textures with Distant Rhythmic Background Movement Choral, Rhythmic, Movement.

Description: Narrow Wind Tunnel Ambience Tunnel, Narrow, Wind.

Description: Airy Distant Machine Room Drone Machine, Room, Airy, Distant.

Description: Super Sub Pulse Gradual Rhythm Increase Pulse, Sub, Rhythm.

Description: Steady Low Airy Passageway Passageway, Airy.

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