Description: Chopping Block Rolling Across Kitchen Floor.

Description: Garbage Disposal 1; On And Off Without Water.

Description: Garbage Disposal 2; Turn On And Grind With Running Water, Then Turn Off.

Description: Multiple Water Cooler Glubs.

Description: Heating Pipes Clanging In House.

Description: Garbage Disposal 3; Water Running Then Disposal Turn On And Off, With Drain At Tail.

Description: Mailbox Open / Close; Three Slams And One Squeaky Close; First Slam Hard And Hollow with Some Key Jitter, Second Slam with Out Key Jitter, Third Slam Similar To Second Slam But Slightly Harder, And Las.

Description: Garbage Disposal 1; Garbage Disposal- Wet; Constant Spinning Garbage Disposal Mechanisms with Some Food Being Ground. Very Clattery And Hollow. Close Perspective. Kitchen.

Description: Garbage Disposal 2; Garbage Disposal- Dry; Constant Spinning Garbage Disposal Mechanisms. Very Clattery. Close Perspective. Kitchen.

Description: Garbage Disposal 3; Garbage Disposal- Dry; Constant Low Rumble Steady Spin. Medium Close Perspective. Kitchen.

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