Description: 2 Horses Canter Up, Stop And Away; 2 Horses Canter Up, Stop, Pause, Swish Tails Then Canter Away On Hard Mud And Grass Surface, Close Perspective - Prominent Saddle Creak During Pause.

Description: Single Horse Trots Up, Stop And Away 3; Single Horse Trots Quickly Up, Stops, Pauses, Chews On Bridle Bit Then Trots Away On Hard Mud And Grass Surface, Close Perspective.

Description: Horse Gallop By; Single Horse Gallop By From Right To Left. Heavy Hoof beats, Saddle And Bridle Movement And Horse Breaths. Close Perspective.

Description: Horses, Two; Gallop Steady, Stop And Repeat, On Dirt.

Description: Horses, Several; Whinnies And Hoof Steps, Various Perspectives.

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