Description: Fireworks, Constant Sizzle Fountain, Cu Perspective.

Description: Ketchup Mustard Bottle Squirts.

Description: Sledge Hammer Hit Rock; Steady Single Hits, Low Thud With High Metal Ring Out —light Debris Falling With Slight Reverberant Quality. Medium.

Description: Steam Train, By; Steam Train By, Low Rumble, Long Whistle Blasts, Doppler, Bell Clangs, Rail Noise In And Away.

Description: Alarm Fire Building; Hallway Medium Perspective, Siren Type Ascends In Pitch, Ambient.

Description: Computer Download Data; Long Idle, Then Fast Long Data Download To The Hard Drive From The Internet, Close Perspective.

Description: Car False Starts Long And Labored With Bad Starter Burns At End 2x.

Description: Car Reverse Whine; Start, Back Up With Reverse Transmission Whines, Stop, On Board Perspective.

Description: Museum / Art Gallery - Group Murmur, Reverberant.

Description: School - Kindergarten Classroom.

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