Description: Motor 1; Turn On With Wind Up, Steady With Rhythmic Hum, And Off With Wind Down.

Description: Industrial Machine Running.

Description: Factory; Factory Atmosphere. Close Electric Motors With High Speed Milling Machine High Whine.

Description: Workshop; Workshop Atmosphere. Knocking, Banging And Hammering.

Description: Mill Machine Tool Change With Damper Slide, Clinks.

Description: Grinding Mulch Machine; Grinding Wood Chips Into Sawdust ( Mulch ) .

Description: Steady Machine Hum And Whirring With Steam Blasts In Reverberant Space.

Description: Kryon Cooler; Telescope Cooling Mechanism, Clicks And Air Release, Repeats Reverberant.

Description: Engine; Wave Tunnel Motor Run Steady, Hum.

Description: Electric Motor; Light; Light Electric Motor Whir. Start, Run And Stop.

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