Description: Audience Applause Long.

Description: Interior Mixed Crowd Chatter And Moves.

Description: Large Interior Crowd Applause Of About 50-100 People, With Cheers And Whistles.

Description: Crowd Quiet Walla Loop, Interior Gym.

Description: Crowd ( 50, 000 ): with Whistles / Applause, Cheer / Chant, Steady / Dies. Cheers Crowd, Huge.

Description: Concert: Rowdy Crowd Walla And Cheers. Swells. Exterior. Stereo.

Description: Concert: Catcalls From Rowdy Male Crowd. Crowd Claps In Unison And Yells 'take It Off. ' Exterior. Stereo.

Description: Stadium Crowd Ambience: Concession Stand POV; Concession Stand Ambience; Walla / Kids Screaming / Carts Being Rolled, No Real Cheering, Medium Perspective.

Description: Light Spanish Walla In Outdoor Marketplace With Some Pointed Lines.

Description: Concert: Rowdy Crowd Upset Walla. Distinct 'walla, Walla' At Tail. Stereo.

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