Description: Diesel train passes by with a heavy rumble as freight cars bump and squeak. Train Bumping, Squeaking Metal, Cars.

Description: Grocery Store Ambience Near Cashiers; Medium Electronic Register Operation, Receipt Printer Busy Walla Medium Perspective, Metal Clatter Of Shopping Carts. Grocery Handling Includes Bottles.

Description: Highway with car passing by on wet pavement with light rain in background. Car By, Rain Wet Bys Wet Traffic.

Description: Ambiance, Tonal Bass; Industrial Presence Of Musical Layers Of Deep Tone.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO ENGINE PROBLEMS: Toy steam engine, various stops & starts.

Description: Large Department Store Ambience With Medium To Close Salespeople Walla; Female Offering A Makeover, Male Offering A Free Gift, Female Selling Mascara, Female Selling New Shaver. General Busy Walla.

Description: Waves 1; Calm Ocean Or Surf Pounding, Distant Perspective.

Description: Ocean surf crashes on rocks. Waves, Beach Surf, Ocean Splash.

Description: Mountain Ambience; Insects In Close Perspective. Coyote, Dog, Frog And Crickets In Background.

Description: CROWD -STORES AND HALLS DEPT. STORE: Crowds in department store, footsteps.

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