Description: 150 hp Mercury Boat Drive Loop High Speed, On Board.

Description: Drag Boat; Idle / Revs ( Several ) Idle / Revs ( Several ), Cu Boats Idling, Revving, Shot Cu From The Starting Line On Board A Patrol Boat.

Description: Drag Boat; Start / Idle / Revs / Off, Cu Blown / Injected Alcohol 475 Cu. In. Chevy Big Block Boat Engine Turns Over A Few Times Then Starts Up, Idling, Revving, Shuts Off, Shot Cu ( 12? / 30 Cm ) From The Exhaust Headers.

Description: Ship, Huge Low Pitched Air Horn, 2 Pitches, Long Blast .

Description: Very Close Boat Horn, Three Blasts. Ferry Horn.

Description: Ferry Boat, Slow Docking Sequence with Boat Horn, Hull Impact, Interior Movement And Banging.

Description: Ferry Boat, Medium Fast Speed with Bow Wash.

Description: Ship Horn; Ships Horn With Light Background Water Lap.

Description: Boat with Engine; Run ( Ext. ); Power Boat With Mic. Over The Side.

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