Description: BABY THREE MONTH OLD GIRL: INT: Crying & fretting, desperate gasps.

Description: Model T; Start, Variable Slow Steady. Suspension Rattles Over Bumps And At Slow Speed. On Board Perspective. Off At End.

Description: Gnat: Takeoff Interior; Rev To Taxi Speed, Jets Roar For Takeoff, Wind And Mechanical Grinding, Engine Steadies To Cruising Speed. Jet.

Description: Thunder; Rumbles And Cracks In The Distance With Light Rain Swells And Some Whirling Wind.

Description: Tiger Moth: Electric Start / Idle / Throttle / Off; D.H. 82 Tiger Moth. Whines Twice Before Engine Catches, Revs To Slowly Throbbing Idle, Series Of Faster Idles With Growling And Humming Props. Distinct High Whirring Of Fans And Engine. Sputters To A Stop W.

Description: Highway Traffic Bys Close, Right To Left. Tires Over Bump. Constant Bys.

Description: River, Small 1; Medium-fast, Babbling And Smooth Running.

Description: Jamaican Males Street Walla Medium Perspective. More Active, Excited Walla And Wider Perspective Than Track 1001-12. Traffic Roar Distant With A Few Medium Bys. Some Female And Child Walla Medium.

Description: Merkur onboard - engine, start, idle and into cornering.

Description: Coffee Shop; Busy Restaurant Crowd Chatter With Dish Clatter, Cash Register Ring, Griddle Frying And Movement; Medium Perspective.

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