Description: Duomo Square - Florence, Italy - Traffic In Square with Bells Ringing Noon, Busy Motor-scooter Traffic, Occasional Horn- Ambience, European.

Description: Thunder; Rumbles And Cracks In The Distance With Drizzle Swells And Very Light Wind.

Description: City storm with heavy rain, traffic, thunder, distant church bell and good wet traffic.

Description: TRAFFIC HIGHWAY: EXT B/G: Busy highway with cars & trucks passing in both directions.

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, flaps down, check list, descent, landing.

Description: Shore Ambience: Medium-sized Waves Run Whitewash And Splash Onto Beach.

Description: Swamp Ambience 1; Large Chorus Of High And Low Pitched Frogs Croak, Close Perspective. Insects Chirp, Medium Distant Perspective; Active.

Description: Stearman: Electric Start / Idle / Throttle; Stearman Xa-21. Pilot’s Perspective: Engine Grinds And Starts, Idles Steadily With Low, Smooth Timbre. Idles At Various Speeds. Revs Up At End With Whir Of Props And Squeak Of Wheels During Taxi. Very High Idle.

Description: HELICOPTER AEROSPATIALE SA-341 GAZELLE: INT: Hover, landing, shutdown. Long hovering.

Description: WRX onboard - engine, start, very quick and short accelerates, idling, turbocharged.

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