Description: VEHICLES ASTON MARTIN: INT: Start, constant run, switch off.

Description: Eclipse onboard - engine, idle, peel out and accelerate driving, turbocharged.

Description: Thunder 55; Mountain Thunder Storm - Constant Thunder Rumbling, Rain On Pine & Ground, Wind In Pine.

Description: Barracks Bathroom Ambience, W Cu Voices, Toilets Flushing, Washing At Sinks, Light Activity.

Description: TRAFFIC WET TRAFFIC: EXT B/G: Heavy street traffic in rain.

Description: Washing Machine, W Coin In, Run, Fill, Spin Cycle, Drains.

Description: Boeing 747 jumbo jet, interior, land, taxi, announcements.

Description: Diesel train passes by from left to right while releasing air brakes. Train Horn, Whistles Brakes, Air.

Description: Fireworks; Sparse Compared To Track 1003-25. Firecrackers, Whistlers, Rockets Launch And Big Booms From Various Places Close To Very Distant. Echo And Reverberation From Tall Buildings, Lots Of.

Description: Airport lobby, not busy increasing to busy ( British Airways Terminal, J.F.K.).

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