Description: Storm lashing windows, increasing rain, wind and some thunder and distant people shouting.

Description: Storm from indoors, rain on windows, gusting wind and occasional thunder.

Description: ANIMALS-WILD FROGS: Peepers, increasing in volume as night falls, song bird background, Vermont, July.

Description: VEHICLES 1970’S MGB: INT: Onboard, false start, start, depart into constant run, many gear changes, some stops, stop & switch off.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS RURAL ENGLAND: July, pigeons, blackbirds, jackdaws, roosters, movement.

Description: AIRPORTS & STATIONS TRAIN STATION: Passenger lounge, announcements in English & French, Waterloo, London.

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, taxiing with check list, engine test & warning buzzer.

Description: Distant thunder with increasing rain, end of an African drought (some crickets).

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