Description: IMPACTS & CRASHES - ICE BREAKS: EXT: Ice tip of glacier breaking off into sea to form iceberg, simulated.

Description: Microwave oven, set, run 20 sec.., beeps, open & close.

Description: Sex Scene In Bed, Creaks, Cloth Movement And Kissing.

Description: Beach Ambience With Seagulls In Background.

Description: Footsteps; Gravel; Slow / Heavy; Slow And Heavy Footsteps On Gravel. Close Perspective.

Description: Jungle Night Atmosphere 2 - Night Bird Songs, Light Crickets,.

Description: Music Bed; Latin Bossa Nova Elevator Music, With Flute And Organ Melody.

Description: Choir drone pitched vocal tones with steady detuning.

Description: Choir drone sustained low vocal choir with reverberate overtones and high pitch pulse ending.

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