Description: VEHICLES ASTON MARTIN: EXT: Approach, switch off, brisk.

Description: Volkswagen; Interior; Drive At Steady Speed. Complex Engine With Growling And Clattering, Tire Whine. Close Perspective. Auto.

Description: Isuzu; In / Stop / Off; Slow Approach With Tire Whine, Choppy Sputtering Engine. Idle With Rhythmic Metallic Clicks. Rev And Off. Medium To Close Perspective. Auto.

Description: Car Key Movement / Drop; Keys Jingling, Keys In And Out Of Ignition, Dropping Keys. Close Perspective.

Description: Car Trunk Open / Close ( 2x ); Turn Key In Lock, Pop Trunk Open, Remove Key, Close Trunk. Full-sized Car. Close Perspective.

Description: Car Window Roll Up And Down; Manual Hand Crank Style, Close Perspective.

Description: Model T Ford; In Slow, Stop, And Off. Start Close Perspective, Slow Away.

Description: Car In Slow To Idle, Then Off, Close Perspective.

Description: Racy Foreign Car; Fast Accels And Decels With Downshifting, Variable Steady's.

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