Description: Sword Draw From Sheath, Medium 01; Sword Drawn From Sheath With Ring Out. - Metal Shing.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN CHEERING: INT: Young kids yeah clapping, sparse towards end desultory.

Description: Heart Monitor; with Flat line 1; EKG Heart Monitor; Regular Repeating Medium Pitched Beep With Slight Trailing Reverb / Solid Flat line Beep, Close Perspective. Hospital.

Description: Bells; Church; Church Bells Pealing. Wedding Type.

Description: Ambulance, In Fast with Wailer And Whooper Sirens, Stop Medium Distant, Off.

Description: Underwater Movement In Deep Water, Good Pressure, No Backgrounds.

Description: Female shrieks and screams. Scream, Female Horror, Scream Female, Scream.

Description: Multiple interface beep tones at various pitches button, tone, web efx.

Description: HUMAN VOICES & SOUNDS TEENAGE GIRLS: INT: Three teenage girls building laughter, dying off at end.

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