Description: CLOCKS STOPWATCH: INT: Ticking, classic 60 minutes tick.

Description: Fireworks; Fireworks & Skyrockets with Reverb From Buildings; ( 2 ) Fuse Burning.

Description: Moans And Groans; Sexy Female Moans, Groans And Deep Breathing, Close Perspective.

Description: Nascar Racing; Start Ambience, Pa Race Announcer ?3, 2, 1, Gentlemen Start Your Engines, All Cars Start Up, Rev, Shot Cu From The Start / Finish Line. ( 5 / 8 Mile Oval Track ) .

Description: Bomber Jet Plane Over, Bomb Drop Whistle, Impact And Explosion With Debris.

Description: Stadium Crowd Cheers & Whistles, High Energy, Huge Crowd, No Close Up Applause.

Description: Distant Tortured Screams, Male; Reverberant Cries Of Agony From Deep Within The Castle - Good At Low Level.

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