Description: CROWD - CHILDREN LAUGHING: INT: Five kids laugh, causal laughs.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN LAUGHING: INT: Three kids laugh, intermittent laughter with rest in between bouts.

Description: Children Playing Outdoors, Birds.

Description: Mess Hall Walla Enlisted Mess, Looped.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN CRYING: INT: Group of five kids crying, intermittent wails, sustained crying.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN PLAYING: EXT: Boys 8 - 9 years old playing in street, indiscernible talking, low level city drone.

Description: HUMAN VOICES & SOUNDS LITTLE GIRL: INT: Tickled, strained laughing.

Description: CROWD - CHILDREN SHOUTING: INT: Young kids ‘yeah’, burst of shouting & clapping.

Description: Mess Hall Enlisted Mess Of Carrier, Looped.

Description: School Playground Ambience, W Active Children Playing, Background City Noise.

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