Description: Piano notes processed with long reverberation. Sustained drone for eerie, dramatic moments

Description: Binaural Recording of the ambience of a Italian local train trip. Leaving from a station. You can ear very well the metal sound of the train tracks, slow speed.

Description: house music with a some breakbeat, very cool and intense!

Description: recorded from around 15 meter, two workers in top of a concrete roof

Description: Drums musicians passing by during a Medieval Italian parade.

Description: elegant and contemporary, with various electronic instruments and layers of woman's voice sampled with delay

Description: Ambience of Heathrow London Airport. Steps, trolleys and carts passing by, announces and voices

Description: Ambience of Heathrow Express train station between terminals (London) with train passing by, and announcements

Description: Ambience of a downtown City, cars passing by, trains, people talking

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