Description: A minor pentatonic bluesy rock. Happy and uplifting. Includes electric guitar lead after second verse

Description: Like a warrior walking his path to the final battle of his life, contemplating the past.

Description: Eerie background soundscape in Em

Description: Soft and melodic turning in to hard and heavy. In the key of Em. Agressive and adrenalizing. Tells the story of an angry guardian angel.

Description: A mellow rock and roll song telling the story of triumph. Pled in drop D tuning in the key of Am. Slow, rolling pace and feel.

Description: Dramatic realizing the end is near and finding the thoughts whipping through my head.

Description: CSI like laboratory full song for sequence shots analyzing data.

Description: Sounds like a soundtrack that would be heard in Age of Empires or Age of Mythology. Has a building and accomplishment feeling. Lots of percussion and Egyptian and oriental sounds.

Description: Good piece for a sequence of running through the forest collecting golden coins! Uses different percussion and sounds. Starting off with Conga beat and builds to more action sequences with electro blips and more percussion in the background. Fades out, but can be edited to loop.

Description: Sad crying weeping regretful guitar

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