Description: Very fast instrumental track featuring synth solos, distorted and clean rickenbacker guitar solos and arpeggios. I think I've been influenced by some videogame music from the 80's, when some race games became very popular.

Description: A few seconds typical chinese melody. Guitar only.

Description: Happy song with acoustic atmosphere. It starts with a fast carefree strumming acoustic guitar, a cute and happy whistle plays the leading rule. There are also a clean hollow body guitar arpeggio, snare,bass, maracas and distorted guitars.

Description: A clean and solid hollow-body guitar arpeggio paints a warm, relaxing and animated atmosphere with drums, acoustic guitar and violins. The main melody was made by me whistling at the microphone. Ideal for summertime, vacation, beach, or positive, relaxed atmosphere.

Description: A very sad intimate instrumental song. Boredom, depression, sadness, loneliness are emotions that may be related to the song. One image I see when listening to the composition is a gray sky with wind, a typical atmosphere like when a storm is coming or an unexpected or mysterious event. - Instruments: acoustic guitar, e-bow guitar, wood block with deep and long reverb

Description: The power of nature in a rough, acoustic, instrumental song made essential by the only use of an acoustic guitar, a floor tom and an e-bow guitar playing the final solo of the song.

Description: Two acoustic guitars together. One played with violence the other one plays one note continuosly, hard and soft, this helps creating a tension atmosphere

Description: An acoustic guitar solo plays on the background of another acoustic guitar arpeggio and a resonating synth. Quiet and relaxing atmosphere describing the fresh and pure atmosphere of the mountains.

Description: Sad, disenchanted, dark acoustic guitar arpeggio and a drastically riverbed voice that seems to come from the dead people world

Description: A sweet, slow, nostalgic, romantic, slightly melancholic pop track featuring a simple electric guitar solo, an acoustic guitar arpeggio, wurlitzer piano and percussion, maracas, claves, kick drum and an elegant electric guitar arpeggio.

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