Description: Fast, running music lines with electronic drums and screaming guitar lead into funky sounds helping a slow turtle run

Description: Down, down down with orchestra and flutes into the depths of the rabbit hole.

Description: The struggle of drum beats, and synthesized keyboard come together as one.

Description: Two lovers talk over coffee and come to a drastic conclusion. This track takes you where they are headed in a orchestral way

Description: Very industrial and sexual with heavy base and heavy guitar. Stripper on a pole

Description: A Grand Banquet is a large sounding score that puts you in the mind of dinner at a royal banquet of some kind.

Description: Does a snow cone come in different flavors? Why yes. So does this track with many crazy flavors. Slam the door with freaky guitar and wild metallic beats

Description: Are you serious?This track sends you in places you could only dream of. Intense beats and crazy sounds wind their way around your brain

Description: Eerie space like sound of a cello and an ethereal background float you around the planets

Description: Birds fly about playing with one another as acoustic guitars and a pan flute play for them with a energetic beat

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