Description: Extreme wild beats and low base with trash can beating sounds.

Description: Vegas Beauty begins with a haunting intro escalating into a swagger of drum beats and a background of slow keyboard and jazz guitar.

Description: Cool bluesy track with piano and guitar. Take a spin around the dance floor.

Description: Fireside romance is a romantic track with piano , guitar, and brass, All that's missing is the candle light and wine.

Description: Imagine a couple walking down a leaf covered road hand in hand talking about their life. Elegant piano based with chamber orchestra background

Description: The must have track of the century. Tense beginning with superlative drum track and deep bass.

Description: The beat is on from the beginning with this one. Edgy bass guitar and sounds of the Seattle grunge days. Rock on.

Description: As the Heavens open is a relaxed laid back track with cool drum beats and a soulful sound.

Description: Dreams are shattered and plans are changed in this romantic classical track of desperate wanting, Piano, woodwinds, and orchestra

Description: This is a hard driving rock track. Get in the car and head on the open road. Has lyrics.

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