Description: Is it your time to scream for pleasure or for pain. Maybe so. You decide with this dark track

Description: Start with some cool arpeggios and jump into a fast thumping edgy drum beat with jazzy eerie guitar licks

Description: unzip this track of synthesized keyboards escalating into a myriad of emotions.

Description: rocous ride of electronic beats make you want to pump your fist and get your groove on the dance floor. Cool jam

Description: Models on the runway, actors on the red carpet , take your pick, this track sells it in a big way

Description: Whats going on in the mind, Noise and more noise, but good noise. Intensity, strength, adrenaline

Description: This is an elaborate antagonistic industrial track with twisting electronic sounds, looping bass and skreetching guitar.

Description: Are you serious?This track sends you in places you could only dream of. Intense beats and crazy sounds wind their way around your brain

Description: One inch at a time, one foot later this track pulses with erotic dreams

Description: Dark, twisting, sexy guitar and electronic keyboards drive this flirty track into the dark abyss

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