Description: Trumpets organs, big band sound that can be looped.

Description: Soulful horn is a mixture of muted trumpets and plucking violins that makes this a cool track.

Description: Mr Grumbles is his nane and he is on a mission of disaster. Dub step sounds and a crazy baseline

Description: taught metallic beat and driven rhythm

Description: Flip your papers and hang them with a thumb tack in this break beat track

Description: Just a light easy going track with piano leading you a field to dance

Description: Tachycardia is a fast paced pulsating track that leaves you breathless.

Description: Listen as the ants chomp at your brain. This effects track is perfect for a sci-fi movie or horror film

Description: suspenseful twangy guitar with dub step base fill this track

Description: Hard and heavy squeals and baseline. The robots are coming to rise up

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