Description: Metalic, hard, industrial as the machines go against the current of the humans. Will they win the battle or be destroyed

Description: Uneasy sounding track with electronic static and electric guitar

Description: Clubbing to this funky jammy track , get your groove on

Description: Jammy jammy track , get your groove on and dance it up

Description: Etherial track that floats you on a mystic ride.

Description: Dive right into this crunchy sounding track with chaotic sounds that envelope your soul.

Description: Tempting light airy piano with electronic and pulsating beats raise your spirits.

Description: Electronic track with unearthly floating sounds.

Description: Cool edgy track with electronic beats. If you were to write something in the sky it might sound like this.

Description: Wild beats and heavy guitar pound this out like Bam Bam on heavy rocks.

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