Description: funky Asian beat with pulsating waves of drums and wah wah guitar.

Description: Hot comet has a dreamy floating sound with guitars and a funky beat.

Description: Crystalized track with 12 string guitar, violins and choir, eerie, calming, and transcending

Description: Metalic, hard, industrial as the machines go against the current of the humans. Will they win the battle or be destroyed

Description: Electronic with a dreamy flanged guitar and bass.

Description: I can visualize a fast view of a city at night. The cars and colorful lights quickly pass by you. Whats your destination?

Description: Its a wacky world is a funky out of the box track with a crazy beat and detuned notes, Could be used for a city scene of fast moving people.

Description: Brassy guitar has Latin flair with a Spanish guitar and a brass section to back it up.

Description: Power play is an edgy, mysterious track with industrial sounds.

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