Description: Cool edgy track with electronic beats. If you were to write something in the sky it might sound like this.

Description: Start with some cool arpeggios and jump into a fast thumping edgy drum beat with jazzy eerie guitar licks

Description: Imagine a couple walking down a leaf covered road hand in hand talking about their life. Elegant piano based with chamber orchestra background

Description: This woman knows how to rock and dance. She'll put a spell on you with heavy guitar and driving drums

Description: sublime, tasteful, dreamy piano and violin team, easy and tasteful. Orchestra with French horns join in

Description: ABSOLUTE funky crazy beats and tones make this track a must have.

Description: Elegant, sexy, smoldering track with upright bass, piano, clarinet and violin coming together as one

Description: The must have track of the century. Tense beginning with superlative drum track and deep bass.

Description: Floating Butterfly is an easy going orchestral piece with piano and violin and wind instruments lending their service.

Description: Taught and tense yet equally flowing beats draw you along a wave of orchestral, electronic keyboard and a horn section. Lots going on here.

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