Description: Plucking violins, piano and a soulful viola lend to the frustration of this track,

Description: Speed trap makes you want to go fast and get where your going with electronic beat and big synthesized sounds.

Description: Very light and airy duo of acoustic guitars playing together in harmony and melody.

Description: building electronic lead in takes you to a light bongo beat with acoustic guitar and viola.

Description: Sublime romantic piano track with underlying flutes and strings.

Description: Ultra low base line with hard guitar and funky break beat.

Description: eerie ghost like track with crackling noises and spooky piano background makes this perfect for a horror film intro

Description: Eerie space like sound of a cello and an ethereal background float you around the planets

Description: Big horns lead into funky flutes and xylophones, for a track that screams tv show opening

Description: Piano and violins start out rising and falling finally into a Madonna like beat with funky dance grooves

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