Description: rocous ride of electronic beats make you want to pump your fist and get your groove on the dance floor. Cool jam

Description: Tempest has crazy electronic sounds that have a dynamic range with pulsating beats and a lot of drama.

Description: Very industrial, eratic, devious electronic metal track with ominous beats.

Description: Smooth, edgy, provocative track with heavy guitar, and an awesome groove

Description: Whats going on in the mind, Noise and more noise, but good noise. Intensity, strength, adrenaline

Description: This woman knows how to rock and dance. She'll put a spell on you with heavy guitar and driving drums

Description: Spanish acoustic guitars help start the abundance of horns and Latin flair of drums

Description: Industrial sound, Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails

Description: hard driving track with intensity and electronic keyboard backgrounds.

Description: This is an elaborate antagonistic industrial track with twisting electronic sounds, looping bass and skreetching guitar.

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