Description: Racing comet is just that, a high potency of fast beats and racing tones. Electric.

Description: Safaras dances into the sand with her veil and amazing body. You can sense her determined brown eyed glare.

Description: This is a cool track with several different sounds culminating into a diverse lumping of pianos, strings, and cool beats.

Description: The perfect dance is a romantic guitar track with sax and easy going beats. Hold that someone special close and dance.

Description: Cool jazz with piano, upright plucking bass and a soulful trombone make you want to tap your feet.

Description: Terrified is a track with high potent beats that makes you want to throw your head back and dance.

Description: As the Heavens open is a relaxed laid back track with cool drum beats and a soulful sound.

Description: I can visualize a fast view of a city at night. The cars and colorful lights quickly pass by you. Whats your destination?

Description: March for Freedom combines piano, electronic sounds and high powered beats to move you through this track.

Description: Picture yourself on a subway or train traveling through the city late at night, no one on board except you and that special someone. What would you do?

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