Description: Iron heart has those hard base and drum licks you need for any fast paced project

Description: Great Latin flavor with horns and dancing beat. Kick up your feet.

Description: Rapid fire is an electronic track that is fast, eerie and pulsating all at once.

Description: Rolling gunfire is an electronic pulsating track great for a chase scene or gun battle.

Description: Disfunctional is loopy and trendy with crazy beats and electronic sounds

Description: Power play is an edgy, mysterious track with industrial sounds.

Description: Static Anomoly is a flurry of beats and electrical sounds.

Description: Proud Forest is an orchestral dynamic piece with dramatic horns, violins, and kettle drums.

Description: The Last Stand is a cinematic track that is expressive an dramatic.

Description: Brassy guitar has Latin flair with a Spanish guitar and a brass section to back it up.

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