Description: Metalic, hard, industrial as the machines go against the current of the humans. Will they win the battle or be destroyed

Description: The wolf slowly walks through the snow searching for food for its young. Follow her journey in the dead of winter

Description: The first kiss is always the best kiss. Experience that with this romantic version with sexy sax

Description: Driving faster and faster you hit the tunnel. Darkness with yellow lights beg you to go faster until you hit the other side. But whats on the other side?

Description: Dreams are shattered and plans are changed in this romantic classical track of desperate wanting, Piano, woodwinds, and orchestra

Description: This woman knows how to rock and dance. She'll put a spell on you with heavy guitar and driving drums

Description: Cool edgy track with electronic beats. If you were to write something in the sky it might sound like this.

Description: Tempted by desire for her beauty he takes the risk and enters her hotel room. Piano and violins tell the story of there encounter

Description: Cool, smooth and erratic jazz filled with horns, sax, and jazzy bass

Description: The grass is cool and wet and you take your shoes and sox off to walk around. Easy piano and orchestra guide your feet

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