Description: Tempest has crazy electronic sounds that have a dynamic range with pulsating beats and a lot of drama.

Description: Break beat with a quirky rock organ and some real funky beats get your feet tapping and body spinning.

Description: Floating Butterfly is an easy going orchestral piece with piano and violin and wind instruments lending their service.

Description: Crazy time machine is a fast electronic pulsating track great for dancing or a film scene with fast cars or motorcycles.

Description: Power play is an edgy, mysterious track with industrial sounds.

Description: Spaghetti western type style with eerie guitar.

Description: Peaceful, romantic track written about the beauty of birth, life, and the journey

Description: Industrial sound, Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails

Description: Imagine a couple walking down a leaf covered road hand in hand talking about their life. Elegant piano based with chamber orchestra background

Description: Big horns lead into funky flutes and xylophones, for a track that screams tv show opening

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